Sometimes legal disputes can be resolved without going to court. Mediation is a method of non-binding dispute resolution involving a neutral third party who tries to help the disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable solution.

Numerous studies have found that if the parties come up with their own solutions, then there is a greater likelihood that the decisions will be followed in the future.

There is an economic and emotional savings that makes the process more rewarding to the people involved. Instead of having a Judge decide such important family issues, it can be much better to retain some control over your own case and settle the matter using mediation.

I can provide comprehensive private mediation services to help resolve conflicts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. My experience in litigating hundreds of highly emotional cases over the past 35 years is a big advantage in resolving cases without going to trial.

I can assist you by mediating all kinds of disputes including contract and real estate matters, landlord-tenant disputes, personal injury cases, and highly personal family cases involving conflict over a will, trust, or guardianship matter. If necessary, I can draft all the paperwork necessary to finalize a settlement agreement between the parties.

I am open to mediation where both parties have attorneys, where only one side has a lawyer, or where neither party is represented by counsel.

When I mediate Family Law disputes, I try to focus on getting an agreement with as little stress and conflict as possible. Whether it’s working out a parenting time plan for the parties’ children that is developmentally appropriate, or figuring out a reasonable solution regarding child and spousal support, I can help provide structure and communication so that the parties can reach an agreement. agree to act respectfully and avoid any disparaging or vilifying remarks about each other.

To arrange for a consultation to discuss your legal issue and determine if mediation may be the right option for you, please call our office in Medford – 541-772-1956